Harp lessons in Guelph

This site will make you harpy.


I am available to perform at weddings, funerals, garden parties, holiday parties, and other formal events. I specialize in arranging popular music for the harp and would love to personalize a processional for YOUR wedding! Please call me to book performances as early as possible.  

Lessons: No harp required!

Have you "always wanted to learn harp" but have not known how to start or had the resources to invest in a hobby you weren't even sure you'd be good at? I offer lessons in a relaxed environment with no commitment necessary. It does not matter if you have any musical experience, or a harp, the harp is fun to play and always sounds beautiful. I will teach you harp technique and how to read music. I can also help you choose the right harp if/ when you decide to buy one. Have a harp? Even better! We will make much more progress since you have the opportunity to practice on your own at home.


Students are welcome to use my harp during lessons, whether they own one, or not.

For more information:

View my bio page for more information about me. For info on my rates check out the 'rates' section of my website. To set up a lesson, or for more information, e-mail me at l.shapiro@hotmail.com or text 226-500-2031.